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Lash Extension Booking and Pricing
New Clients please call prior to booking

Classic lash extensions give your own lashes more length with a touch of fullness. I suggest Classic lashes if you have never had them before. One Eyelash extension is applied to one single lash. Classic Lash extensions can look very different from person to person as no one has the same amount of lashes. 

Volume lash Extensions adds length as well as fullness to the natural lash. Individual fans form 2D to 8D are applied to one single lash creating texture and fullness. 

The length and fullness is determined by what style you are looking for but also we need to take into account what weight and size lashes your own lashes can handle to also keep them healthy. Pictures are great for inspiration but every lash artist has there own style so never expect your lashes will come out exactly like someone else's.

lash photo 4.jpg




Classic Full Set __________________________________  125.00     2 Hours
Volume Full Set __________________________________ 150.00     2 1/2 Hours
Classic Fill _______________________________________ 60.00      1 h 15m
Volume Fill  _______________________________________75.00    1 1/2 Hours
Fills require 40% of the existing extensions to be remaining after 2 to 3 weeks. 
Foreign Fill (Has lash extensions from another artist 40% left)__75.00 and up
When booking your appointment you must put in a valid telephone number to receive confirmation. If the confirmation text is not confirmed within 12 hours of your appointment ,
your appointment will be cancelled.

*For clients who have never had eyelash extension's applied before a patch test is recommended at least 24 hours  prior to having a full set. 

If you are a new client please copy and paste the link below into your browser to fill out a New client form prior to your appointment.

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